Group F & F Project Manager, S.L.

F & F Group - Projects Management, created with the aim of providing a comprehensive service to support the national and international expansion plans of our customers.

F & F embodies the ideas of its clients, without them having to increase their structure or their own resources, both technical and human, to the implementation process of new centers or business units.

The activities of F & F Group Projects Management:

  • Feasibility studies for new settlements
  • Research and/or advice for new sites
  • Assessment and post-opening management of new shopping centers
  • Request for Commercial Licenses

F & F Group aims to be a global company and efficient for our clients in implementing their projects.

Our wide openness toward the international market enables our customers in Spain, expand by France, Brazil and Colombia through our connection network and vice versa, thus offering a very personalized service to our customers and with a continued treatment with the people whose trust has been previously filed.

This service is intended and conceived to encourage the expansion of a particular operator by other emerging markets.

At the same time and within the global services of F & F, and given our extensive relational network, we try to find the most viable connection between operator-investor-constructor so that the union of the three vertices reaches the materialization of ideas. For which we are obliged to help you in all aspects, but undoubtedly in these moments it is important the contribution of investors that will help to ensure the viability of the project.