Desarrollo de Infraestructuras Urbanas FBG, S.L.

FBG, Infraestructuras Urbanas S.L. develops integral services of engineering and construction, with the purpose of materializing the project, by carrying out the construction and the installations.

Its purpose is the optimization of all the Servitec-Forcadell Group’s services, by providing a "turnkey project", with an excellent ratio of cost - quality – time parameters.

This particular service is conceived to encourage deployments of commercial activities, leisure activities, etc. that by their small size it is more viable to centralize all the services on a single company with the purpose of reducing costs and providing feasibility and profitability to the project.

The accumulated experience, with the integration of all our technical services, as well as a constant relationship between them, allows achieving a relation of cost, quality and time hardly obtainable in an independent manner.